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Extraordinary Why


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6 Months to Discover Your Purpose!

What's Your xWhy?

Why Are You Here on Planet Earth?

Engage an expert professional guide to help you discover your own unique story and the legacy you’ll leave for future generations.


Join award-winning, TEDx speaker, author, and teacher Brett Pyle, and a group of like-minded colleagues, on the expedition of your lifetime – the epic journey to find, live, and lead from your Extraordinary Why (your xWhy)!  Brett’s masterful storytelling keeps the journey entertaining, even as it passes through profound territory.  Along the ride, you’ll learn the secrets about humanity’s search for significance and the life-altering lessons Brett’s discovered delivering over 700 programs around the world on this deep subject.

  • Identify the Whys that drive you

  • Define what Extraordinary means to you

  • Break free from past issues and relationships that hinder you

  • Set goals that lead to lasting significance

  • Gain absolute clarity about your unique purpose your xWhy


What's included?

What's expected of me as an xWhy Group member?

When will my group meet and what's the cost?

How do I learn more about xWhy Group membership?

What's included in my 6 month membership?

•    Your own personal xWhy Group committed to help you discover your unique purpose.

•    24 hours of instructor-led training – 12 live video conferences (Twice monthly for 6 months) with Brett & your group.

•    A proven, structured method for illuminating who you must be, and what you must do, to fulfill your purpose.

•    Opportunities to process your thoughts, ideas, and questions in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment.

•    Accountability to help you follow through on the commitments you make to yourself. 

•    A customized assessment to help you articulate your Guiding Purpose Statement.


What's expected of me as an xWhy Group member?

  • Come to give and serve your fellow group members.

  • Agree to maintain Confidentiality to preserve a safe environment for all to learn and grow.​

  • Be fully present (Be on-time, for ALL Sessions, with no distractions).

  • Be vulnerable – lead with weakness.  Risk taking the steps you’re hesitant to take.

  • Be responsible for your own learning.

  • Be CARE-frontational – High Challenge/High Care for yourself and your fellow members.

  • Have fun!


When will my xWhy Group meet and what's the cost?

  • Two new xWhy Groups are currently being formed. They will meet two Fridays each month from July - December, 2020, launching on Friday, July 24th, 2020.  

  • Informational Zoom video calls will be held on Friday, July 10th at 3:00 PM & Friday July 17th (both at 3:00 PM US Eastern) - Join a call to learn more about the program and hear directly from past xWhy Group members.

  • The xWhy Group Experience costs $3,000/person - $500/month for each of the program's 6 months.

  • Contact Brett (below) to ask questions and/or register for one of the informational Zoom video calls.


How do I learn more about xWhy Group membership?

Ask questions or get a link for one of the informational Zoom calls here:

I'd like a link to attend an informational Zoom call:

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