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Extraordinary Why


Online community group

Discover Your Purpose!

What's Your xWhy?

Why Are You Here on Planet Earth?

Engage an expert professional guide to help you discover your own unique story and the legacy you’ll leave for future generations.


Join award-winning, TEDx speaker, author, and teacher Brett Pyle, and a group of like-minded colleagues, on the expedition of your lifetime – the epic journey to find, live, and lead from your Extraordinary Why (your xWhy)!  Brett’s masterful storytelling keeps the journey entertaining, even as it passes through profound territory.  Along the ride, you’ll learn the secrets about humanity’s search for significance and the life-altering lessons Brett’s discovered delivering over 700 programs around the world on this deep subject.

  • Identify the Whys that drive you

  • Define what Extraordinary means to you

  • Break free from past issues and relationships that hinder you

  • Set goals that lead to lasting significance

  • Develop deep relationships with high-performing peers

  • Gain absolute clarity about your unique purpose your xWhy

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