What’s your story? Why are you here on Planet Earth?


How powerful would you be if you completely understood and owned your unique story – your past, your present, and the legacy you’ll leave for future generations?


Let award-winning, TEDx Speaker Brett Pyle take you on the expedition of your lifetime – the epic journey to find, live, and lead from Your Extraordinary Why! Brett’s masterful storytelling keeps the journey entertaining, even as it passes through profound territory. Along the ride, Brett reveals secrets about humanity’s search for significance and the life-altering lessons he’s learned delivering over 700 workshops and keynotes on this deep subject.


  • Identify the whys that drive you
  • Define what Extraordinary means to you
  • Break free from past issues that hinder you
  • Set goals that lead to lasting significance
  • Fulfill your purpose


If you want your life to truly matter – this book is for you!

Single Copy - Personalized & Signed

  • Soft Cover Book