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Your one and only limited resource

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Ever notice how productive you are the day before you leave for vacation?

  • Major work projects get done or delegated.

  • Priority emails get handled.

  • Important household chores get tackled.

  • Mail gets held; house lights get set to go on/off appropriately.

  • Pet care (and sometimes child care) arrangements are sorted.

  • Reservations are confirmed, flights are checked into, and bags are packed.

  • Loved ones, friends, and neighbors get notified about your itinerary and what to do in case of emergency.

SO much gets done the day before you leave on holiday!  Why is that? Why do you tap into your superpowers and get so much done on that one day?

In a word, the answer is: Time.

More specifically, it’s the scarcity of Time that focuses your attention on the things that matter most. You only have 24 hours before you leave town, so the most important things command your attention and therefore get accomplished. Limited time focuses your attention on the driving purpose behind all your activity on that day: Getting ready to depart for vacation!

So it is with Life.

What's the driving purpose for the whole of your life?  Why are you here on planet Earth?

Many of us struggle to answer such profound questions. But what if there really was a way to figure that out for yourself?  What if you were absolutely, perfectly clear on your life purpose?     Think of the power you would gain from such clarity of focus!  Think of how productive you would become in the days ahead!

If you've been following along with my Bridge to Purpose blog, you know it's my intention to help you find, live, and lead from your purpose - Your Extraordinary Why, as I call it. You may be close to that discovery for yourself already. Or perhaps you really haven't a clue, or don't even know where to begin the journey. Keep following along and I promise it will start coming into clearer focus for you.

Last week I offered my first assertion along our journey: That #significance, #meaning, and personal fulfillment, lie in the Whys behind the Whats you are pursuing.  Hopefully you gained some insight into some of your big, driving Whys as you reflected on that thought over this past week. 

Here's my next assertion for you to ponder this week:

You will never fully grasp your #LifePurpose (Your #ExtraordinaryWhy), until you come to grips with your one and only limited resource … Time!

60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 365 days x “However many years you may receive.”

That’s it. They’re not adding any more grains of sand to your proverbial hourglass. We don’t get any more time.

Except, of course, at the end THIS very month, in THIS particular year, we get an EXTRA day – February 29th, 2020. LOVE the Leap Year – very kind of the timekeepers!

AND every few years they add another second to the Astronomical Clock, giving us Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It’s called a Leap Second. It makes some astrophysicist in Greenwich, England really happy (though it upsets every software developer). It accounts for the 23.5° tilt in our planet and the unpredictable slowing of earth’s rotation.

Did you enjoy the last one? I got so much done – an extra sip of champagne on New Years’ Eve 2016. Fantastic!

A few February 29ths – some occasional Leap Seconds. But no. They’re not making … any … more … Time.

This week, consider this:

In what, and in whom, are you investing your one and only limited resource?

#ExtraordinaryWhy #BridgetoPurpose #LifePurpose #Time #LeapYear

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