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Why resolutions?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The New Year is upon us – 2020 is here – a whole New Decade lies before us!   That’s a milestone significant enough that even those of us that normally don’t set resolutions might actually commit to one or two this year.

The life and professional changes that occur in a single year are often small or incremental. But over the course of an entire decade, the changes that occur in us are understandably more dramatic – transformative even!   So, this New Year’s why not set a resolution or two for the decade?

Before you do, consider this: Why do we set resolutions, or goals, at all?

Because it feels good!   Something seems meaningful to you; you decide to pursue it; you work really hard; you achieve the goal; and it feels good. It’s satisfying!

But is there a deeper why?  Why does goal achievement satisfy us?

Goal setting is a powerful act of faith.   When we set goals, we set into motion a spiritual dynamic. What we set out to achieve isn’t a physical reality at the time we set the goal. It comes to exist first in our minds.  Then we speak it aloud, write it down, and get into action. Only then does the goal come into physical reality.  That’s the creative process.  As humans, formed in the image of God – our Creator, creativity is part of our nature.  Creation is wired into our very being.

When we act in accord with our creative nature, who we are as human beings, and achieve something, it feels good.  That’s why we set goals.

So today, here at the dawn of a new decade, think BIGGER – How will you transform during this upcoming decade?

What will be true about you and your life on New Year’s Day 2030?

  • What will you be doing professionally or vocationally?

  • Physically, how will you have changed?

  • Who will be in your life and what quality of relationships will you have with them?

  • How will you have grown emotionally from where you are today?

  • Intellectually, what will you have learned that will have transformed you?

  • What will be genuine about your spiritual walk that’s not authentic now?

Getting clear on these major areas of life will help clarify your priorities as you embark on this New Year.  Ruminate on these questions and start out the new decade with 2020 Vision!

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