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Leap Day & Your Extraordinary Why!

Tomorrow is Leap Day - that wonderful gift of extra time we receive only once every four years!

Time is SO precious - it's your one and only limited resource. Your limited time is THE bridge you must cross to discover your purpose - your Extraordinary Why!

Why are you here on Planet Earth?

I've helped tens of thousands of people answer that question for themselves. Over the past decade, in over 700 workshops around the world, I've led people on journeys of deep reflection and discovery to help them gain clarity on that all-important question. I'd like to help you too!

So … drum roll please … I'm thrilled to announce that in celebration of #LeapDay, Your Extraordinary Why - Living a Successful Life of Significance is finally available as a book!

A decade in the making: seven years in the speaking; three more years in laborious writing and iterative editing - now it's finished and available to you and all those you'd like to inspire to make the most of this gift called Life!

Here's what just a few people are saying about this book:

"Transformational. An oil change for your soul!"

"Real. Raw. Deeply relevant."

"Connected me to my Why!"

"I liked almost all of Brett's book.  

Even more valuable were the few parts I didn't like.  

Thank you for pushing me to go where I needed to go ...

and giving me the tools I needed to find my purpose!"

We get one shot at this gift called Life. Why not make the most of it?

Click here to order your copies of this challenging, yet fun-to-read, guided experience to discover/clarify your purpose.

(Use code "BookLaunch2020" to receive a 10% discount off your purchase this weekend - Code expires 3/2/2020)

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