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Praise for Your Extraordinary Why

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“Powerful lessons, crisp insights, and opportunities for positive reflection make this an inspiring read.  Read this book, move powerfully forward in life and business, and create your own exciting legacy!”

Sam Reese

CEO – Vistage Worldwide

An Invitation

Take some time away from life - to reflect on life.

Dig deep to clarify the biggest “whys” behind the “whats” of your life – the people, projects and relationships that mean the most to you.  You’ll be engaged and entertained as you are led to clearly articulate your purpose here in this world.  

But be forewarned:  This is not a journey for the faint of heart.  You will be challenged. It may even get emotional - but stick with it!  Ultimately, you'll get out of this book what you bring to it. 

Be “all in” and it will be a transformative experience for you.  

You’ll return from the experience with the vision and clarity you need to lead a life of significance – a life of purpose, meaning and contribution to the world.  A legendary life - a legacy - that will have truly mattered!

The choice is yours: Are you up for the journey?
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2020 Vision

Setting Goals from Your Extraordinary Why

Brett Pyle is interviewed by Center for Victory Founder & President Eric Guy. They discuss your why - the real motivation behind your Vision for the one life you are given.  Learn the secret to connect into the only source that will reveal your unique purpose to you.  In this video, Brett shares some deep, intimate personal information that will put your own motivations into perspective for you.  He then flips the script on Eric and asks him about his why and his desired legacy. You won't want to miss this powerful podcast!

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About the Author

Connecting People to Their Purpose


Brett's delivered his Extraordinary Why Workshop over 700 times to 10s of thousands of people around the world.  Participants have called it a "Transformative Day of Vision and Clarity."

Brett began his global business career with Andersen Consulting, oil giants Amoco & BP, and Vistage Worldwide — living, leading and learning in over 70 countries on six continents. Along the journey, he discovered we’re all created for a purpose and gifted with unique skills, ideas and passions that the world desperately needs!

Today, Brett is a highly sought-after international speaker.  Each year he delivers more than 100 keynotes, workshops and leadership retreats — building bridges that connect people to their purpose to deliver breakthrough results that truly matter to the world.

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Bridges & Horizons

I've always loved bridges and horizons.  Horizons give us a sense of something beckoning - beyond what we can presently see.

Bridges, a means of getting there.

So it is with your life's purpose.  You were made for a purpose - a mission.  There's someone you must be, something you must do, while you're here on Earth.  It's out there - over your present horizons.  The questions you must ask are:

"How do I get from where I am, to where I must be?"

"Why must I go? - What's really driving me?"

I've helped thousands of people answer those questions and discover their Extraordinary Why.  I'd like to help you too!

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“It’s not the whats we achieve that truly matter.  

Significance is found in the whys behind the whats.”

What's your Extraordinary Why?

Brett Pyle

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